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Law Office of Timothy W. Mazzela, in Fresno, California, has special understanding of the complexity of cases involving spinal cord injuries. When a client suffers a fractured vertebra in a car accident, the spinal cord is left vulnerable. A small pinch to the spinal cord from a fracture could cause permanent paralysis, such as paraplegia or quadriplegia. Likewise, a person who suffers a herniated disk or ruptured disk could endure excruciating pain for the rest of their life.

Having handled countless cases involving severe spine injuries, our attorneys have true understanding of the long-standing effects a spinal cord injury or other neck or back injury will have on our clients. In addition to coping with the pain and anguish that the injuries themselves cause, our clients are forced to learn a new way of life – a life full of barriers and challenges that most people cannot understand.

Leaders handling serious spine and spinal cord injury casesOur attorneys have had significant experience handling cases involving severe neck, back and spinal cord injuries. Because of a careful examination of our client’s case, thorough understanding of the extent of our client’s injuries, and our determination to help them recover, we have successfully obtained millions of dollars on behalf of our injured clients.

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