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Effectively Holding Negligent Companies Accountable

When you have suffered an injury because of your use of or exposure to a dangerous or defective product, you want an experienced lawyer to help you recover full and fair compensation for all your losses. Since product liability cases often involve complex proof involving engineering, design, manufacturing, and science, you want an attorney who has successfully handled similar cases and who will know how to protect your best interests.

At Timothy W. Mazzela, we have successfully represented personal injury victims throughout San Joaquin Valley and the Central Valley for more than 24 years, including people who have been injured by dangerous or defective products. We have built our reputation on extensive trial experience, thorough preparation, and high-quality negotiation skills. You can count on us for all your injury-related needs today.

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Fighting for the Compensation You Are Owed

In product liability claims, expert witnesses often make the difference between recovery and loss. Additionally, product liability cases require careful investigation and preparation, as more than one party may be liable for damages. At our offices, we have considerable experience working with expert witnesses in products liability claims. We have built an extensive network of experts in cases involving defective farm equipment, large machinery, and factory machines. We understand the complex issues that are involved and know how to present them in ways a jury can also understand.

We have successfully recovered compensation in claims involving:

  • Failure to eliminate or correct known dangers
  • Failure to warn of known or anticipated dangers
  • The manufacture or distribution of defective products
  • Improper or negligent design, including a failure to incorporate safety into a design

Due to of our extensive experience, we also know how to identify all potentially responsible parties, from designers and manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers. We handle many different personal injury claims resulting from exposure to dangerous and defective products, including broken bones, compression fractures, torn rotator cuffs, burns, loss of limb, and wrongful death.

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Millions Recovered for the Injured

A Sure Sign of Victory!
  • $2,300,000.00 T-Bone Automobile Collision
  • $2,000,000.00 Garbage Truck Rear Ends Tahoe
  • $1,000,000.00 Head-On Collision/Wrongful Death of 50 Year Old Father & Husband
  • $785,196.76 550 Gallon Gravity Feed Diesel Fuel Tank Collapses
  • $500,000.00 Attack That Resulted In Surgery